PhilanthroFEED is a unique meal program that creates an exciting partnership between The Salvation Army and local restaurants, businesses and civic organizations. The results are nutritious meals for people in need and great team-building opportunities for the sponsors.

There are two ways you can be part of PhilanthroFEED:

  • Be a Meal Sponsor: Your business or organization sponsors a meal and serves it. The meal is prepared by Salvation Army staff and served by you.
    • $400 sponsors a weekday lunch (serves approximately 165)
    • $200 sponsors a weekday dinner, weekend lunch or weekend dinner (serves approximately 85)
  • Be a Meal Provider: Your restaurant (alone or with a business partner) provides a meal and serves it. There is no additional sponsor fee.

No matter which option you choose, you’ll witness first-hand how your donation is doing the most good for your neighbors in need.

How it helps:

Just one sponsorship per week for an entire year, would save the Knoxville Salvation Army over $20,000. Those funds funnel directly back into local Salvation Army programs that equip, empower and educate those in our community seeking a fresh start. Imagine the possibilities as additional meal sponsors and providers support the program allowing more funds to be allocated to our transitional housing, Emergency Assistance and other programs.

For more information on how to become a PhilantroFEED partner, please call David Harrell at (865) 971-4923 or click here to make a donation.