Emergency Assistance

Illness, the loss of a job or a major catastrophe can send a family into crisis. In a time of critical need, The Salvation Army offers hope and help. Our Emergency Assistance Program provides critical, short term assistance to low income families and individuals living in our service area, and aids in preventing homelessness by bridging the gap between income and expenses for this underserved demographic in our community.

“Many months, there’s not enough money to pay for rent, utilities and food. The Salvation Army has helped me keep a roof over my family’s head and food on the table.” – Bob

Last year, the program impacted over 15,000 people, providing over 9,000 meals and 1,000 food baskets to those in need. The program provided over 15,750 items of assistance, helped 385 families with their utilities and provided Christmas assistance to over 1,650 children and 150 senior citizens. In addition to those items, our case workers made over 4,500 referrals to other agencies for additional services.

I’m retired and on a fixed income. I was having a hard time making ends meet when I got a notice that my utilities were about to be turned off and it was the middle of winter. The Salvation Army provided me with utility assistance so that I could stay in my home.” – Ginny

The Salvation Army’s Emergency Assistance Program provides a much needed safety net for low-income families and individuals by providing assistance with utilities, groceries, fuel, transportation, clothing, furniture and other household items. Because of our network of relationships with other agencies, our case manager is often able to refer clients to other resources within our community, a valuable tool for families in crisis. By assisting with these critical needs, the program actually helps people to maintain their housing, thus preventing homelessness. No fees are charged for any of these services.

The emergency assistance office sees clients by appointment only. For more information, call (865) 525-9401.

More information on homelessness in our community can be found in the Knoxville and Knox County 2013-14 Biennial Report.