Operation Bootstrap

This program offers a more permanent solution to men facing homelessness.  It provides clients an opportunity to work towards getting back on their feet by providing counseling, housing, meals, Bible studies, practical help and a structured environment.  Clients are expected to maintain employment, pay rent, help with chores and stay sober.

“I lost my job and eventually my apartment and that’s how I ended up at The Salvation Army. With the help of the Bootstrap Program caseworkers, I was able to get a job with a landscaping company and work on getting clean.” – Kevin

The shelter can house up to 70 men and the average stay is about two weeks.  Most move on from here, but many graduate to our Transitional Housing Program.

“The Bootstrap Program has been instrumental in my success. God has truly blessed me. It’s through his grace and mercy that I’m alive today.” – Kevin

Last year over 1,200 men participated in Operation Bootstrap.

For more information about Operation Bootstrap, call (865) 525-9401 anytime.

More information on homelessness in our community can be found in the Knoxville and Knox County 2013-14 Biennial Report.