The Joy D. Baker Center

The Joy D. Baker Center serves women with or without children affected by domestic violence and also serves as a shelter for homeless women with children. Safety is a top priority in our monitored, secure facility. In addition to providing housing and meals, our 24-hour staff serves as counselors and liaisons with both the court and the school systems and can assist with job placement or referrals to other agencies.

“When I arrived, I saw myself as a wounded person. Now, I see myself as a happy, beautiful young black woman as single mother taking care of three kids. When I came here, I saw myself as nothing. I thought I was a nobody. Now I know I’m somebody.”  – Shamia

“In the beginning, none of my three kids wanted to come but after being here, they see it’s not as bad as they expected. When we first got to our room and got our blankets and pillows we thought how great it was to be here because we had been staying in a car. For my kids to have a bed, I thought it was great.”  – Ebony

“Since coming to The Salvation Army, I’ve learned to respect myself and know that I deserve better. I’ve met several women that are going through the same thing I’ve been through and that’s been a huge help.”  – Varese

“When I came through the doors, I was angry and defensive. I was lacking in my faith – the same faith that had carried me this far in life. I was angry with God. I was beaten down, I was broken down and just felt defeated. I almost felt like throwing my hand in the air and being done with it all. The only thing that kept me afloat and the only reason I left the bad situation was my daughter. I didn’t think it was fair for her to suffer because I couldn’t make a good decision at that point in my life. Just being here, my faith has increased. Because of the Salvation Army and the help they’ve given me, I’m back to praying all day, everyday and believing in what I am praying in.”  – Tomeka

The Rainbow Promises program is also available to assist children with counseling and educational needs.

The shelter has 6 units than can accommodate up to 28 people. The center provided shelter for 120 women and 145 children last year.

For more information, call (865) 525-9401 anytime.