Transitional Housing

The Salvation Army’s Transitional Housing program is a more intensive program than Operation Bootstrap.  The program requires a 6-month commitment.  Clients are expected to maintain full-time employment, pay a minimal amount of rent, save money and work towards personal goals.

Participants have a place to stay, meals and the 24-hour support of our staff.  The program strives to help those who want to regain control of their lives by providing men and women with the necessary support.

“They did everything they could to help me reach that goal. It’s in me to overcome and with all the resources they provided me, there’s not a reason why I couldn’t succeed.” – Jenny

The men’s shelter has room for up to 48 men.  The women’s shelter can house 18 women.  Last year 148 women and 231 men participated in the program.

For more information call (865) 525-9401 anytime.