Captain Maureen Diffley is the Corps Officer for The Salvation Army Serving Blount County.

Capt. Diffley met The Salvation Army while doing a year of study abroad in Russia as a college student. Upon graduation, she joined a start-up ministry team that developed a community response to HIV/AIDS and addiction in southern Russia. Prior to entering full-time ministry, she was a social worker.

Since being commissioned as a Salvation Army officer in 2005, Captain Diffley has gotten to do street youth outreach in Moscow, HIV/AIDS social services management in southern Russia, divisional leadership in Ukraine, corps ministry in Tbilisi, Georgia, student ministries in Florida and program development at the Territorial Headquarters in Atlanta.

Capt. Diffley has an MSW from Virginia Commonwealth University and an MA in Christian Education from Union Presbyterian Seminary.  She likes cooking, hanging out with great people and practicing her Russian by watching television shows on the Internet.

Thrilled to enjoy the best of Blount County – proximity to the Smoky Mountains, the county library and an uniquely caring community that works together to respond to needs, Capt. Diffley is grateful for the opportunity to serve here.