Lieutenant Whitney Tomberlain | Corps Officer


Born in Nashville with an upbringing in Murfreesboro, Lt. Whitney Tomberlain is a native to Tennessee. She was introduced to The Salvation Army while attending a private university south of Nashville. Lt. Tomberlain encountered a life transforming experience while attending a Salvation Army prayer meeting and developed a passion for the mission and ministry of the Army. She spent her summers in college working as a camp counselor at Camp Paradise Valley operated under The Salvation Army. After graduating with a Bachelors in Music, Lt. Tomberlain assisted at a Salvation Army corps in Kingsport, TN. From Kingsport she entered two years of formal training at the School for Officer Training in Atlanta, Ga. Lt. Tomberlain received her first Salvation Army appointment with enthusiasm as she transitioned to Maryville, TN in June of 2016. Lt. Tomberlain oversees the work of The Salvation Army in Blount County which offers physical assistance and spiritual guidance to the community.