David’s Story: From Abuse to the Super Bowl

“Domestic violence is something that only happens to women.”

“A real man can take a hit, it’s not abuse.”

Statements like these are not only untrue, but make it more difficult for men who are being abused to come forward and ask for help. They are afraid that people won’t believe them. They will be seen as weak and not a “real” man. However, 1 in 4 men will be the victim of domestic violence. Men just like David.

David was forced to flee his home when another male, one he thought of as a father figure, began to abuse him. With nowhere to sleep other than his car, he came to The Salvation Army and asked for help. Working with Jesse, his case manager, David set a goal. He wanted to be in his own home in time to watch the Super Bowl. David and Jesse worked together to first find a full-time job. Once that had been done, they worked on a plan for saving money, while at the same time, looking for a permanent home that would be within David’s budget. David was so determined to meet his goals, that within a few weeks, he had successfully gone from sleeping in his car’s backseat to a home of his own where he watched the Philadelphia Eagles win the Super Bowl for the first time. We are proud of David and his journey Behind the Shield!

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