Finding your special “Angel”

Major_Amy Lee_resizedby Major Amy Lee, Associate Area Commander

It was Christmas 2013… and the Nashville Area Command was busily interviewing families for the Angel Tree. Earlier that morning I felt a strong urge to take our ministry to a different level. I thought of the Christmas trees in the waiting area, and realized I could turn them into “Prayer Trees!” Quickly I gathered small tags and pens, and came up with a game plan! As clients came in throughout the morning, we began asking them if they would like to write a prayer request on the tags and hang them on the tree. The idea took off instantly and before we knew it, we had two trees filled with requests.

One family stood out to me, however. As I interviewed them, I learned that their young son, Akrum, was in need of a liver transplant. Sickly and jaundiced, his mother held him in her arms, with an oxygen tube connection. Akrum stole my heart instantly! When I asked if I could pray for him, his mother said the me, `We are Islamic, but at this point we are willing to pray to anyone or anything. We just want our baby to live.’ We prayed instantly!

Akrum and I posed for a picture and it has hung on my office door all year as a reminder to pray for him. Between the interview process and the Angel Tree distribution, Akrum was placed in the care of Hospice. Throughout the year, I discovered that he had undergone surgery and that he was doing a little better. Move ahead to this year’s Christmas application process 2014. I am interviewing another client again, when volunteers come running toward me and interrupt my interview. It was Akrum! He looked like a different child! He had received liver surgery, was no longer on oxygen and able to walk around! His mother said to me, `Your prayers worked!’ Akrum and his family are still going through a difficult time with medical bills and family situations, but Angel Tree has now become a place of prayer for them! I am so thankful that prayer can not only cross cultural barriers, but often religious ones too. I encourage everyone to find your “special angel” to pray for today.