From Desperate Circumstances to Overcoming All Obstacles

Most people picture the face of domestic violence to be a young woman with children, but Jane* is 63 years old, a senior citizen, who came into our Transitional Housing program through a referral from the YWCA. Jane has faced many obstacles, both before and after coming into the program. Shortly after moving in, she was injured and lost her job. Through the assistance of our Pathway of Hope program, and utilizing our Workplace Essentials Training, she was able to create a new plan and goals to rebuild what had been lost. Jane has made incredible progress in her new job, where she has recently celebrated her 2 year anniversary, doubled her income, and become a vital employee.

Although Jane was able to double her income, she was not able to finish paying off all of her previous debt, which is a barrier to getting a lease on her own home. The solution that was developed was to find a single room to rent until all debt could be paid off. She now has a wonderful landlord who has agreed to consider moving Jane into one of his single room apartments, when available. Jane’s case manager will follow up with her to support her through paying off her debt, so that when she is ready to move forward, she can. Jane continues to grow and we are very proud of how she has handled all of the obstacles placed before her, and how very far she has come Behind the Shield.

*Names are changed to protect the client.

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