Red Shield Kids Club (Youth Services)

Participating children enjoy a host of educational and physical activities geared at promoting a healthy lifestyle and success in school. Tutoring, sports, art, nutritious snacks and spiritual development that extends into their homes, is a part of the day-to-day curriculum.

Education: A computer lab and volunteer tutors are available to the kids for homework help and other educational activities. Kids are also taught conflict resolution, etiquette, character building, and other skills.

Nutrition & Wellness: Thanks to a partnership with the United Way’s SPARK Program, kids are provided with a healthy snack every afternoon while also being able to learn about healthy eating habits. They also get a chance to learn how to make nutritious foods like steamed vegetables and smoothies and take home healthy recipes and snacks to support a healthy lifestyle at home with their families.

Music and Performing Arts: Red Shield Kids Club is privileged to be able to offer a comprehensive music program that provides kids a chance to study music and practice hands-on with instruments. This program is helping “set the stage” for this exciting opportunity to expose children early to the enjoyment of music, and associated careers in the music industry.

Physical Fitness: Kids participate in a physical fitness assessment test that includes jump rope, 40 yard dash, quarter mile run or walk, long jump, pushups, sit-ups, etc. They also get a chance to be part of team sports like basketball, soccer, and football.

Character and Spiritual Development: The Red Shield Kids Club attempts to instill proper spiritual guidance and character development in each of the program’s activities. Kids are taught conflict resolution, how to cope with stress, and other skills necessary for relational and character success.

For more information, contact Carlos Lowe at 615-242-0411.