When Losing Your Lease Gives You A New Lease on Life: Nikki’s Story

Nikki was late with the rent…again. No one taught her how to budget, run her own household or how to be a new young parent trying to handle it all on her own. After finding her lease cancelled, Nikki, who was pregnant and had a one year old daughter, found the only place to go was the Rescue Mission.

She was then referred to our Quality of Life Supportive Housing program, where she found a safe place to land and a case manager who could help her learn the skills needed to be a successful young mother. First they focused on getting her financial issues under control. Nikki filed for child support, and began to pay off debt in order to improve her credit score and old court fees to get her license reinstated. She then worked on her social and parenting skills by attending our parenting classes, and developing proper coping and communication skills. Finally, she began to rebuild her support system by getting a cell phone, and beginning to rebuild her relationships with her family.

Now, that the foundational work to improve her life had been completed, she was ready to set out on her own again. She secured daycare for her daughter, and soon to be born, new baby, and she put $500 in her savings account. Finally, 4 months after coming to us, she was able to move into her brand new home one week after her newborn baby boy was born thanks to the Section 8 voucher her case manager helped her secure.
She has now set her sights on building an even brighter future for herself and her family by applying for FAFSA in order to enroll in college in the fall of 2018.

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