Battered and broken with bruises all over her body, a young woman was able to find a safe escape from an abusive husband who was forcing her into a life of prostitution. She needed an escape… She needed a shield… and for her, The Shield of The Salvation Army was Safety.The Wilson County Salvation Army housed, fed and cared for her, working with her daily to rebuild her self reliance and pride. For six months she rested behind The Shield until she was ready to move on and take care of herself.

The Salvation Army continues to house abused women, and provide safety to those who call our emergency line.

Will you be the shield for the homeless, hungry and hurting in Wilson County?

Your donations are putting families in homes and helping them find stability and jobs here in Wilson County!


April and TJ are incredible parents. Dedicated to their family, and doing the best with what they had. But, sometimes life isn’t easy. TJ was a hard working father, and April a full time CNA. They worked together, pulling their incomes to support themselves and their 3 children. However, when TJ suffered a knee injury requiring surgery and lost his job, the bills piled up. April worked hard, walking more than a mile each way to her job. Because of your donations, The Salvation Army was able to place the family in temporary lodging until April was able to get their finances back in order, and was also able to help TJ gain new employment.

Your donations provided them with The Shield of housing.


When someone calls our 24/7 Emergency Line they recieve Biblical counsel, prayer, financial counsel, and job coaching.


When someone calls our Emergency number- this is the gate.
From the questions we ask, we try to find out if this person has local family members, a local job,and a long term plan that makes sense for them to remain here in Wilson County.

With limited jobs in this county, we often help people who have no family or support system in Wilson County to get housing in programs run by the Salvation Army in nearby cities like Murfreesboro or Nashville.

Some people have an over night emergency and they are on their way.
These are the hurting people that Jesus called our “Neighbors”.


— At closing time, a store owner calls the Salvation Army because a man has been “hanging around” her Mt. Juliet store all day.  She is worried about where he will go for the night.  This man was given lodging at a local hotel in Lebanon that was paid for by The Salvation Army.

— A Church secretary calls the Salvation Army when a homeless family stops in at her church.  “They are now in our Fellowship Hall and I don’t know what to do.”  This family was also given lodging in Lebanon and found safety, rest and guidance.

— A family of 7 has just lost their apartment.  The dad is very sickly and they can no longer stay with family members.  We helped this family and now they have a home here in Wilson County.

–A family of 4 finds themselves homeless when the dad who collects scrap metal has less work.  This family was housed until dad’s business picked up.

–A family of 5 is staying in a mobile home with a landlord that allows septic system to overflow all over the yard.  To get this family out of an unhealthly home, the Salvation Army helped them get into a clean apartment.

— Three families staying in a campground are helped with their housing needs and are now all in their own apartments/houses in Lebanon.

— Many single men and women admit to drug/alcohol addiction. We arrange for them to enter our Adult Recovery Programs in Nashville, Memphis and in Alabama or Georgia and we get them there!

—April works full time as a CNA but had a set back with health issues, The Salvation Army helped her with housing so she and her two children would not be homeless.

The Salvation Army delivers food to needy people in the projects
and to those who call our Emergency # 615-579-2457

At the holidays we partner with Joseph’s Storehouse and give away more than ten thousand dollars of Kroger cards that help people have a wonderful holiday meal!